The 26th Annual Convention

North American Taiwanese Medical Association

Friday, Sept. 17, 2010


7-12 pm            Golf at Missouri Bluffs Golf Club --------- Dr. T. Z. Chen,   Steven Lee

8-1 pm              Class Reunion    

1-10 pm            Registration        

1-4 pm              Lecture Series :  Art and Humanity   Moderator:   Charlie Tsai, M.D.

    1:00-2:00 pm              The joy of oil painting and sculpture              By   Samuel C. Shee, M.D. (施哲三)

    2:00-3:00 pm Clouds beyond the Clouds, My Journey to Poetry in Taiwanese                                                                                                                                                           

                                                                                           By Paul I Tseng, M.D. (曾 義) 


3:00-4:00 pm         Poems and Arias based on Gua Ah Hi Tunes         By  Luke I. Kao, M.D. (高 鷹 )


2-4 pm               Art exhibition        

6-10pm             Reception Dinner  

7:30-10pm       National Board Meeting


Saturday, Sept. 18, 2010

830-840 am      Welcome and Opening Remark       President  Y. N. Chiou, M.D.

840-1010 am   Homecoming Keynote speech Series:    Moderator: Y. N. Chiou, M.D.


       1. A Journey of My Dream: Establishment of Mackay Medical College

                    Ming-Shian Kao, M.D. (高銘憲)

       2. Taiwan experience on Medical Education and Healthcare System

                   Chung Y. Hsu, M.D. Ph.D. (許重義)

       3. Acrobat in academia: balancing act between patient and technology development

                    K. S. Clifford Chao, M.D. (趙坤山)

1030-1200 am     CME:  Moderator : Sze-Ya Yeh, M.D.


      1. Women’s health on menopause and osteoporosis          Prof. Ming-Shian Kao

      2. Aging of the blood vessels in the brain                          Prof. Chung Y. Hsu

     3.  Recent advance in image-guided radiation therapy       Prof. K. S. Clifford Chao


1200-200 pm    Luncheon-Annual Membership Meeting


200 -330 pm   CME    Moderator: Esther Liu, M.D


    4.  Update on the management of COPD     Prof. Yuh-Chin Tony Huang, M.D (裕欽)

     5.  Anti-aging Basics- A dermatologic perspective    George C.F. Hsieh, MD.  F.A.A.D.(謝俊鋒)

     6. Cancer Stem Cells      Jennifer Lin, M.D.    Instructor Harvard Medical School (林祐)


340-500 PM  Panel Discussion:   Mod: Simon Lin, M.D.

 美國與台灣醫療的體檢”  “智庫交流和醫療外銷

  吳英毅委員長; 許重義總執行長; 邱義男總會長


630-830 pm    Annual Banquet       Blast of the past---pay tribute---award---charity

830-10 pm   Entertainment      MC:  Rita Chuang, D.D.S. and Gary Chuang, M.D.

打拳賣膏藥  by Paul and Pei Tseng

Taiwanese gua ah he by Luke Kao

Jen Shyu--- vocals, piano, moon guitar, and er hu

Jecoliah Wang & Pamina : Violin piano

Daniel Hsu : Let’s rock

Community Chorus

Mission Anthem by SC Chapter   Directed by Dr. Sze-Ya Yeh




 Alternate Program, Sat. Sept. 18:


  9-4pm       Art Exhibition 9-4pm    Book Exhibits/booths


10:30am-12pm   Wise finance and insurance ---enjoy retirement your way    Steve Lee

                            MetLife Insurance -- Pending

2-4 pm                 Panel discussion    Mod:  Meishan Chiou, M.S. NBCC

                              “Let Us explore the paths to contentment “


Sunday, Sept. 19, 2010

 8-10am   Panel Discussion:   Mod: Julin Tang, M.D.


                     The Art of  Transition 


                    Panelists:   Jennifer Lin,M.D., George HsiehM.D., Rita Chuang.D.D.S.,

                                        Hsiu-San Lin M.D. Ph.D., Daniel Hsu, D.D.S., Alex Lin, M.D.


10-11:30am   The Success story of  Role Model in TASS Service   Mod: Che-Yang Huang, M.D.


                 1. TASS-DC   大華府台美人長樂會          by Jia-Huey Lin DDS., Ph. D. 林佳惠


                 2. Golden Eagle Institute-NYC  金鷹學院    By Patrick Chen, M.D., Ph. D. 陳彰

                 3. TARSA- SC 南加州台美人宗教研習會    By Sze-Ya Yeh  M.D. 葉思雅


Alternate Program:


9-11 am      Panel Discussion        Mod:  Meishan Chiou M.S. NBCC

                                  “ Let us explore the paths to contentment “


Half-Day Tour


Noon-5 pm   Gateway Arch, Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, Forest Park  By Dr. Hsiu-San Lin