The 27th and 26th Annual Convention

North American Taiwanese Medical Association

The 27th Annual NATMA Convention at DC/Rockville Hilton MD 9/23-25/2011
Convention Planning committee:

Director: Henry Yu
Coordinator: Norman Chiou

Participating Officer

President: Norman Chiou
Executive director: Kai-Chien Yang
VP: Charles Tsai, Henry Yu
Secretary: Beverly Tsai
Treasurer: Kun T. Liao
PR and President Elect: Chao-Hsiung Hsu

NATMA2G Annual Meeting: On 9/25 AM

Director: Ilin Chuang, Jennifer Lin, Rita Chuang, Warren Yu.

A. Fund Raising: Norman Chiou, Chao-Hsiung Hsu, Henry Yu, Charles Tsai
B. Communications, printing, mailing , membership--KC Yang, Beverly Tsai, Shu-Ie, Charles Tsai, YN
C. Treasuree- KT Liao, Jia-Huey
D. CME Program: Norman Chiou, Ming-san Kao, Tom Gladfelter
E. Coordinator for keynote speakers--President Chiou
F. Registration: DC team and Shu-Ie Chang
G. Transportation Coordination: Kai-Chien Yang
H. PR & Welcoming: Henry Yu, Chao-Hsiung, Daniel Hsu, YN Chiou
I. Alternate Program: Meishan Chiou, Jia-Huey Yu, Ilin Chuang
J. Tour Program: Jia-Huey Yu
L. Media and Lightin:
M. Yearbook Publication, distribution : Che-Yang Huang, Norman Chiou
N. Design of cover page of yearbook: Sam Shee
O. Website and email communication: N Chiou, KC Yang, Tom Lin
P. Floor Plan, props. dining table number and layout, control--
Q. Video and camera: Stephen C. Hung(洪啟峰)
R. Booth communication for check-in, table arrangement: Henry Yu
S. Stage comm.- Stage order and time control, performers’ reminder, gift presentation---Dr. BeverlyTsai
T.Meeting order and Time control 場控--KC Yang, Ilin Chuang
U.Entertainment Program: Norman Chiou, Jia-Huey Yu, Beverly Tsai
V. Meal plan and hotel negotiation: Norman Chiou, Jia-Huey, Meishan
 W. Board meeting: YN Chiou, Beverly Tsai, KC Yang

The 26th Annual NATMA Convention at St. Louis Marriott West Hotel

Convention Planning Committee:

Director General: Beverly Tsai


Participating Officers:

President: Norman Chiou,   

Secretary: Beverly Tsai

Vice President: Charles Tsai

Treasurer: Kun T. Liao

       A. Fund-raising – Norman Chiou, Charlie Tsai and T Z Chen   

B. Communications, printing, mailing, membership---- YN, CC , MeiShan, LM,Shu-Ie

C. Treasurer- KT Liao, to coordinate with Registration, Shu-Ie Chang

D. CME program, moderators for each session, time control- Sye-ya Yeh, Ming-san Kao                                E. Coordinator for keynote speakers -- President Chiou

F.  Registration, flight schedule coordination/spread sheet with Marriott and registration on site at    Marriott (including cashier) – Shu-Ie Chang, Kai-Chien Yang, Meishan Chiou

      G. Transportation Coordination (for delayed flights, phone calls and arrangement) – Dr. Kai-Chien Yang 

      H. PR & welcoming for members, guests and performers, encouraging people to visit booths –        CCTsai, Denial Hsu, Chao-Hsiung Hsu, YN Chiou

      I. Alternate program – Meishan Chiou

      J. Tour program (& lunch box)– Hsiu-San Lin and Leanne Chiou

      K. Floor plan, props, dining table number and layout, lighting, and  control 場務組– Wilson Shen

      L. Media &lighting Committee– Samson Wang

      M. 年刊發行與分發 and convention reports會場花絮- Tong Chen

      N.  Design of Cover page of NATMA Annual publication and Convention– Khang-Loon Ho

      O. Website communication – H.T. Chiang, Simon Lin, Y N Chiou

      P. Name tags with different categories, (?brooches), gifts, accessories,– Meishan Chiou,  Winnie Shen and Shu-Ie Chang etc

      Q. Video and camera – Michael Wang

      R. Booth communication for check-in, no-show and few table arrangement, dinner vouchers—J J  Shieh

      S. Stage comm.- Stage order and time control, performers’ reminder, gift presentation---Dr. BeverlyTsai,
      T. Meeting order and Time control 場控--- Daniel Hsu, Simon Lin and Chao-Hsiung Hsu 

      U. Entertainment Program: YN Chiou, Beverly Tsai, CC Tsai
      V. Meal plan and hotel negotiation: Beverly Tsai, YN Chiou, Leanne Chiou
      W. Board meeting: Agenda and coordination by Executive director, Dr. Sze-ya Yeh